Sunday Gathering

Our Sunday gathering happens every Sunday at 10:45am and is for all people of all ages.

We meet with each other and meet with Jesus. Together we sing songs, hear the Bible being read, pray together and for one another, and have activities for young people.

The first Sunday and third Sunday of the month is a Communion service.

At our Sunday Gatherings we try and make our worship simple, but meaningful and relevant to the present day. It is a space in the week where people are welcome to come and explore faith, as well as a place for those who have had faith for a long time and want that faith to grow and develop.

There is a children’s group at the gathering and a space for pre-school children.

We enjoy tea and coffee after the service to catch up with one another and meet new people.

Our Sunday Service have now moved online due to the current lockdown as a result of the global pandemic. To join our service online, kindly send an email or call 07785542594 for information on how to join our online Sunday service


Messy Church

On the second Sunday afternoon of each month we have a Messy Church.

This is a gathering of church aimed at children. There are lots of craft activities that are linked to a theme and help us learn a little more about Jesus. There are songs, sometimes games, and we eat together.


At a christening we thank God for his gift of life and publicly acknowledge his love.

In the Church of England it is common to christen young children; this is sometimes known as baptism (christening and baptism mean the same thing). It is the start of your child being part of God’s family, and it is a special day of celebration for all your friends and family.

Christening is done by washing in water, or sprinkling. This washing is a sign that Jesus makes us clean, and because Jesus has made us clean we can be in God’s family. Jesus himself was baptized in the river Jordan.

The christening would normally take place as part of our normal Sunday service. It is done at this time because a key meaning behind christening is that those being christened are becoming members of the church: so it is great if the church can see the christening and celebrate with you. However, it will be a special service for you and all your family and friends. The Church will promise to support and pray for you and your child.

If you want to, you can come and visit us at our church service: they happen at Sunday at 10.45 am. This will help you to see what normally happens on a Sunday.

No you don’t.

Parents sometimes want their children christened for a variety of reasons, the main one perhaps being they would like to thank God for the birth of their child, or even because they were christened and it feels like it is something that should be done!

Having your child christened is a good opportunity to think about your own faith and the faith of your child: Do you want your child to grow up believing in God? Do you believe in God? Would you like to learn more about what Christians believe and how their beliefs change the way they live?

These are good questions to talk to the vicar about, or a friend who goes to church. At St. John’s we hope to make everyone who wants to explore faith welcome, and there are lots of ways and places you can get involved.

You don’t have to go to church regularly to have a christening, but perhaps after the christening you may want to begin to come along to church!

Toddler Group

Every Thursday in term time there is a Toddler Group at St. John’s for under 5's (and their parents and carers)

The cost is £1.50 per adult and child, each additional child 50p. That includes plenty of toys and activities for the children, a snack for them, and a snack and drink for their parents/carers.